Sweet Tooth Season 1

Released Date: 2021
Genre: Action Adventure Drama
Creators: Jim Mickle Beth Schwart
Stars: Nonso Anozie Christian Convery Stefania LaVie Owen
Plot: A boy who is half human and half deer survives in a post-apocalyptic world with other hybrids.

IMDb rating 7.9/10

Season 1

Sweet tooth.S01E01: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E02: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E03: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E04: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E05: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E06: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E07: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

Sweet tooth.S01E08: 720p.x265 | 480p | 1080p.x265

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